Sunday, October 14, 2012

Voltage doubler tripler quadrupler


Voltage Doubler 

This is a simple voltage doubler circuit which has the output voltage is 2xVin

Volatge Doubler

The above circuit is cascade type voltage doubler circuit.

Note : both type of the above voltage doubler circuit must have rated voltage of capacitor and diode greater than 2 times of Vin.

Voltage Tripler

This circuit will give the output voltage 3 times of input voltage.
The rated voltage of all capacitors and diodes must be greater than 2 times of Vin.

Voltage Quadrupler

The above circuit is a voltage quadrupler circuit which have the output voltage is 4 times of Vin.The rated voltage for all capacitor and diode must be ggreater than 2 times of Vin.

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