Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MW Receiver_2T_Reflexive

Reflexive Medium Wave Receiver with a transformer to drive a loudspeaker. It uses an FET Transistor 2N3819 and a germanium transistor 2N4289. Also, It uses two diodes ...one silicon one germanium. It is intersting how this circuit works in a smart way of using a transistor in more than one time to reflex the signal. Today the building of a prototype is easier than 50 years ago. We can solder the components on a vero board and use simple plastic variable capacitors though the old radio constroctors insist on using the Air-dielectric Capacitor. This capacitor is a dianosour ...It is exticting and hard to find day after day especially if you want to make several circuits.

MW Receiver_3T_ Reflexive

Three silicon transistors were used BF169, BF167 and BC169c. Those transistors are still available in the market. The original source of this circuit is Radio and Electronics Constructor.
This is my first circuit here I hope I will find time to build it.